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 I have a great understanding of music theory, and of the different styles of music, and what makes them different. I also have a great understanding of articulation, ornaments, and great control of dynamics. I’m pretty good at interpretation too. I am studying with a studio professor, and perform regularly at my church with about 250 people. I have no problem performing and play about at a level 7. I want your advice on what to expect when I get into college and start working, as well as where to improve. Also anything you can tell me about a career teaching music at a college would be much appreciated. Keep learning, practicing, performing solo and with others. Attend concerts and listen to a wide variety of genres of music. Sign up for summer music programs – it will help you take your music to a higher level with out the pressures of school. You’ll also get a chance to see how your level of proficiency stacks up against those you’ll be competing with for music school acceptances when it comes time to audition in your senior year.

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Chen started to play piano when she was 4 years old and she started to play violin when she was 11 and participated to play the violin and piano in the orchestra in her hometown. She did complete the 3 year full time piano performance studies in Xinghai Conservatorium High School in China and she was the piano accompanist of the Orchestra of Xinghai Conservatorium High School. She studied with Norman Lee from Peabody Conservatory of Music and University of Western Ontario and Jay Sun from University of Houston when she was in high school. In 2014, she started learning piano from an associated professor of the Sydney Conservatorium of music Stephanie McCallum. Ms. Ng has been studying piano since the age of three with Professor Xie Geng from South China University. She showed the passions and the talents at an early stage. With the skills and abilities developed over years and years, she got a valuable chance to perform in Saint Saens?s piano concerto in a large scale concert held in Xinghai concert hall when she was 17. Under the intensive training, her musicality and collaboration were enhanced. She further strengthened her music interest and abilities after attending various kinds of performance and competitions. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013, studying with well known musician Dr Cheng Wai.

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Read Majoring in Music at a Liberal Arts College if you’re interested in this option. Another option would be to go to a community college for the first year or two, but if you do that, be sure to read Community College for Music Majors about how to make it work. You can always look at minoring in music to keep music as a focus without necessarily having to prepare to audition. Wonderful question!Most musicians are very critical of themselves, so you are not alone. But gaining confidence is key to being able to play your best, stay open to feedback, and improve your proficiency level. The more you perform, the more likely you are to start gaining confidence.