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youtube how to play piano Professional credits include the Grammy nominated recording, Kim Richmond Concert Jazz Orchestra Precious Promises. He can be contacted at . We suggest that your daughter and you read this article about community college – we think it will answer some of your questions. We also highly recommend that your daughter take summer music programs until she graduates. Many programs offer scholarships to those students who apply early like now!. See our Summer Music Camps and Programs section to learn about some of these programs. Community college can be a great preparation for a 4 year school if done carefully and with eyes open. Since you mention some of the California schools – our understanding is that the Cal State system now has an agreement with the California community colleges where students with good GPAs are assured of getting into a Cal State school. Schools like CSULB and Cal State Northridge and Cal State Fullerton are known for good music programs. With lessons and lots of practice plus good sight reading skills as well as taking music theory at the community college level, your daughter should be able to apply to any of the schools you mention. It’s always a good idea to check the websites of the schools she would most want to go to, in order to see what their policies are around transfer students.

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She further strengthened her music interest and abilities after attending various kinds of performance and competitions. She graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2013, studying with well known musician Dr Cheng Wai. During the years of studies at HKBU, Ms. Ng had numerous opportunities to perform on stage. Her coachers included Professor Chan from Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Enrico Elisi from Eastman School of Music, Dr Helen Cha from HKBU and etc. Alexander Vinokurov Russian pianist, AMEB examiner and teacher of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

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For most people who want to quickly learn how to play piano, it is not necessary to read music. Playing piano by learning to play piano chords is the quickest way to learn. Most of the famous rock and roll and country music piano players do not read music. They play chords on keyboard or piano while they sing. Most song books have the chord name letter printed above the word where the chord is played. When you get to a word which has a different chord letter printed above it, change to that new chord.