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how to play billy joel piano man on guitar Schedule your practice times!This is super important, and can literally make or break the learning experience. Set up a certain time of day, each day that you will dedicate to practice. I recommend practice for thirty minutes each day, as well as a one hour lesson every other day. At first this will seem tedious, but once you have your routine in place, it will become just a part of your daily life, and that’s exactly how it needs to be if you want to truly learn how to play the piano . 5. Another very important part of the whole piano learning experience is to make the process a passion, and not just a means to an end. Two or three times a week, immerse yourself in the piano life. By this I mean, listen to a famous composer or musician, watch a documentary on pianos, maybe even read an article or two on the history of piano. You will be amazed on what a difference it will make to your entire mentality of learning how to play piano. The more you learn, the more you will want to learn more. Learning how to play piano, is truly an amazing experience.

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Ng had numerous opportunities to perform on stage. Her coachers included Professor Chan from Central Conservatory of Music, Professor Enrico Elisi from Eastman School of Music, Dr Helen Cha from HKBU and etc. Alexander Vinokurov Russian pianist, AMEB examiner and teacher of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Elizabeth Powell Deputy Artistic Director of the Sydney International Piano Competition, She won the Premier Prix at the Conservatorie National de Musique in Pairs, teaches at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in the Universy of Sydney, where she too over from Gordon Watson as head of the Keyboard Unit in 1986. To parents and students: ?I aim to give students as much as possible an overall education on music. Learning piano is only an approach towards the understanding of music, and it is the appreciation of music which is important to us. My approach towards piano teaching is so that students understand how to play piano pieces of different styles rather than just knowing how to play one particular piece. I try to make my lessons as fun as possible, and seek to take aim at what each individual student needs. If you are thinking of learning to play piano, make sure that you will practice minimum thirty minutes every day. If you cannot devote time to practice on piano daily, then it is useless to spend on buying the piano and books or learn to play piano. You may find that the initial process of learning to play piano is quite difficult.

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He believes that every student is unique and he endeavors to provide the best learning experience for each student. My passion for teaching piano stems from the joy of learning and playing music; which has enriched my life in so many ways. My principal aim in teaching my students is to inspire their inner musicality, in which they will continue to learn independently because of their strong urge to be the best they can be in music. More importantly, I always strive to give my students the proper tools to achieve effective practice, as it is crucial to their musical development. My role as a teacher is not to show my students to do exactly as I think, but to inspire them to trust in themselves and be creative individuals who will then inspire the future generations. Ms.