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how to play the piano online free Wojciech Wisniewski. He is currently studying Master Degree of Teaching Secondary, Music Methods at University of New South Wales, investigating different educational theories and practices in music teaching. He aims at combining the ideas of educational practices and musical techniques, fostering students’ interest in music, at the same time, building their piano techniques and musical sense. He believes that every student is unique and he endeavors to provide the best learning experience for each student. My passion for teaching piano stems from the joy of learning and playing music; which has enriched my life in so many ways. My principal aim in teaching my students is to inspire their inner musicality, in which they will continue to learn independently because of their strong urge to be the best they can be in music. More importantly, I always strive to give my students the proper tools to achieve effective practice, as it is crucial to their musical development. My role as a teacher is not to show my students to do exactly as I think, but to inspire them to trust in themselves and be creative individuals who will then inspire the future generations. Ms. Chen started to play piano when she was 4 years old and she started to play violin when she was 11 and participated to play the violin and piano in the orchestra in her hometown. She did complete the 3 year full time piano performance studies in Xinghai Conservatorium High School in China and she was the piano accompanist of the Orchestra of Xinghai Conservatorium High School.

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Your lighthearted approach in explaining such in simple terms makes it so I can take notes readily, learn in small steps, and feel confident for the first time EVER that I understand and can apply my thoughts and fingers to playing. In simple terms…I am a pianist!Wow!Never thought that term would apply to me…. although it has always been something I’ve wished for!I am a teacher, and I really appreciate your teaching style. Thank You!Andrew, many thanks for all your lessons on youtube and here. They have really motivated me, who could not find time to visit a teacher in person, after all work and family commitments. While I have played the guitar at an amateur level, I have been thinking since a really long time to start on the piano and hence bought a Casio CTK 3200. I am just so enthusiastic right now that I have been practicing like twice a day since like 10 days. Hope I don’t overdo it though and work more on accuracy as you say… My best wishes to you for doing such a wonderful job and opening up the world of music to so many…I have questions on the technique for some scales, but will keep it for later. Hi Andrew, could you please help me on one problem I am facing ?In playing any scale one goes like – Do Re Mi Fa Si La Ti Do. To train my fingers better, one exercise I used to do on the guitar is play Do Mi, Re Fa, Mi Si and so on…Question is how should fingers be used on the piano in case 1. its only the white keys being there in the scale and 2.

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Pay attention to the details of what each school expects, since every school is different. Many schools also require an interview with faculty. And some require a pre screen, where you’ll need to submit a portfolio details of which are spelled out by each school to be considered for an interview, along with an audio recording of a live performance of your compositions. Also, make sure to use the request forms on each school’s page to ask specific questions of programs you are interested in. I am going to be a senior in high school after this summer and am interested in pursuing music in college. I want to be a vocalist and I want to play guitar. I have been in school choirs since middle school but as far as training comes, I don’t have much. My family has never had the money to afford any sort of private lessons, so I have self taught myself how to play piano, ukulele, and guitar. I know that self teaching isn’t always the best, considering there are many places for things to go wrong, but I was wondering if I still stand any sort of a chance trying to get into a music department in college. I wanted to minor in music at least in order to understand music and take music theory classes while I am there, but I know most colleges require an audition to get accepted into it. I know music is what I want to do, but I can’t help but feel stuck.