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how to play hall of fame on piano easy tutorial I am watching the both series “Learn How To Play Piano” and “Learn Free Music Theory” now every day. I use them as my routine lessons and practice with my keyboard. Your lessons are free but they are very good quality. I never have chance to study music or piano in my life. And you make everything is so easy to understand and I am having fun. I appreciate your work, I enjoy your personality and I thank you for all what you have done.

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You may find that the initial process of learning to play piano is quite difficult. You will, therefore, need to do lot of efforts for first few weeks. You also need to care that your piano practice does not disturb your family members. You will have to select the time slot which suits to your other family members. The same applies to your neighbors. You need to consider the time which will not disturb your neighbors, especially when you have the paper thin walls.

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While I have played the guitar at an amateur level, I have been thinking since a really long time to start on the piano and hence bought a Casio CTK 3200. I am just so enthusiastic right now that I have been practicing like twice a day since like 10 days. Hope I don’t overdo it though and work more on accuracy as you say… My best wishes to you for doing such a wonderful job and opening up the world of music to so many…I have questions on the technique for some scales, but will keep it for later. Hi Andrew, could you please help me on one problem I am facing ?In playing any scale one goes like – Do Re Mi Fa Si La Ti Do. To train my fingers better, one exercise I used to do on the guitar is play Do Mi, Re Fa, Mi Si and so on…Question is how should fingers be used on the piano in case 1. its only the white keys being there in the scale and 2. if both white and black keys are involved…Hope I was able to put my question clearly. Thanks. Btw, is this covered in any lesson?I have only gone up to 25 so far…of the playlist of 40 videos I can see another one with 42 also, if this is there somewhere, could you pls point to it, that would do as wellIn fact, going a little wide on this, there could be more such exercises to ‘free up’ the fingers a bit, do you suggest any?Just found your site…. I want to thank all concerned for giving others the opportunity to be able to experience learning how to play the piano. I am 70 years old and this topic has been on my “bucket list” for years now.