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Elizabeth Powell Deputy Artistic Director of the Sydney International Piano Competition, She won the Premier Prix at the Conservatorie National de Musique in Pairs, teaches at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in the Universy of Sydney, where she too over from Gordon Watson as head of the Keyboard Unit in 1986. To parents and students: ?I aim to give students as much as possible an overall education on music. Learning piano is only an approach towards the understanding of music, and it is the appreciation of music which is important to us. My approach towards piano teaching is so that students understand how to play piano pieces of different styles rather than just knowing how to play one particular piece. I try to make my lessons as fun as possible, and seek to take aim at what each individual student needs. If you are thinking of learning to play piano, make sure that you will practice minimum thirty minutes every day. If you cannot devote time to practice on piano daily, then it is useless to spend on buying the piano and books or learn to play piano. You may find that the initial process of learning to play piano is quite difficult. You will, therefore, need to do lot of efforts for first few weeks. You also need to care that your piano practice does not disturb your family members. You will have to select the time slot which suits to your other family members.

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a. Root, Major Third, and a FifthTHE ROOT: of any chord we know as the actual key of that chord. So if we want to find the root of the C chord, we simply start at the C key. FINDING THE MAJOR THIRD: Go 4 half steps up from the root and that is the major third. For example E is the major third of the C Chord, it lies 4 half steps above the root C. FINDING THE FIFTH: Go 3 half steps up from the major third. So in this example we will go up from the E 3 half steps which lands us on the G key. So C,E,G makes up the C major Chord. 2. How to make any MINOR chord is as simple as finding 3 thingsa. Root, Minor Third, and a FifthSIMPLE TRICK: to make a major chord a minor chord, take the major third a half step down that's it!Sounds "darker"There is no reason to make it any harder than it needs to be.