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how to play piano music The purpose of auditions is mainly for schools to see how proficient you already are on your primary instrument, as well as whether they think you’re ready to move to more advanced levels, practice at the level music majors are expected to do, and perform in ensembles, orchestras, choirs, bands, etc. So being able to play many instruments a bit but none of them really well will not serve you if you want to apply to music schools. Later on, however, the more instruments you can play really well, the more career opportunities you’re likely to have. Private lessons, if possible, are a great way to improve your playing – along with lots of efficient practicing and playing solo as well as with others. Summer music programs are highly recommended and a great way to improve your playing, learn from great mentors and peers, and really understand what the life of a music major is about. See our 2016 Summer Music Camps and Programs page to learn more. Hi. !I am 17 years old and I started my music piano lessons really late. I am learning from a private teacher twice a week for 2 hrs and it’s been only three months but I managed to cross my 1st grade and currently started on to my 2nd grade. My teacher was really surprised that I crossed my 1st grade just in 3 months because his other students took almost one and half year to complete. I have well trained in my theory and I am pretty good at sight reading as well.

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Read about different music careers, talk with college students and professionals in areas of music you’re curious about, talk with your teachers, see if you can shadow a music teacher or two who are teaching at local schools. If becoming a music educator is something you’re passionate about, know that many teachers also perform. In fact, you’ll have to audition to be accepted into a music education program and as a music ed major, you will continue to take applied lessons and be in ensembles throughout college. I am a sophomore in high school and am very interested in majoring in either piano pedagogy or piano performance. I’ve been playing piano for over 10 years, have participated in local, state, and national competitions since I was 12, gone to two summer piano camps, and am taking AP Music Theory this year. So, I think I have a pretty good chance of getting into at least some college piano program. But I also love to sing, especially in choir. I did choir in middle school, but I haven’t had time for it since. My question is if colleges offer a way for non voice majors to still sing in choir?I would love to do some voice in college. Look at the application and audition requirements for music majors at the schools you mention, as well as whether they allow double majors in the fields you mention. Also see whether minoring in music is an option.

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So now you know how to play piano chords and once you learn how to find them the rest is downhill. If you want learn piano and you want to do it from the comfort of you home then online piano lessons are for you. One of the best programs online is located there and also at this site you will also get a free video lesson and chord chart sent to you. So go check it out!You will be glad you did. Tim Mitchum the Pianofool went from 3 time traditional piano teaching failure to being a paid dueling piano player. He developed the "Layer Method Of Piano" which eliminates sheet music, scales, and boring exercises that kill your chances of actually playing the piano.