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how to play the piano keyboard There are many courses out there which make learning how to play piano easy and fun, but you must have the dedication and mind set to truly apply yourself to learning how to play the piano. Understand that there will be some challenges involved: physical, mental, and spiritual. So stick with the game plan, follow the lessons, and above all don ’t give up!2. Second. If you're going to learn how to play piano, you’re going to need to get something to play on. A real traditional piano can be super expensive ranging from several hundred dollars all the way to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But don’t panic, there are many cheaper options out there also. You could for instance by a nice sounding keyboard. If you have a Midi interface on your computer, you could just buy a keyboard controller, and purchase an amazing sounding soft synthesizer. Alternatively maybe a friend could let you come over and play on theirs. How about inquiring at the local community college if you could practice on theirs.

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If you're like many who enjoy the piano, you've probably been mystified as to how someone can just sit down and play without sheet music. It seems like an impossible feat. But there's a method to the mystery. Pianists who can improvise know what they're doing and understand the fundamentals of improvisation. Now, if you're a newbie at this, It can be confusing to say the least!So many keys and so many choices!But you won't have this problem if you start out using a few chords and a way to play them. For example take a look at the lesson Reflections in Water. Here we have a lesson that shows you how to create your own unique music using just 4 chords. The chords are from the Key of C Major and have a very "modern" feel to them. To play this improvisation is quite easy. The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with these chords. Once you get them in your fingers and have committed them to memory the rest is easy!We now take these 4 chords and create our improvisation.

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Or, as I like to think of it, start skip next skip skip next skip skip. A C minor scale is C, D, Eb, F, G, Ab, Bb, C. This is the natural minor scale. There are two other kinds of minor scales, too: harmonic and melodic. Minor scales are fun to play because they sound different than most of the music we hear, which tends to be based on major scales. Minor scales can sound creepy or sad, but you can play them to be cheerful and interesting, too.